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Reviewed by A. Dcruz Studied: Specialised Masters in Financial Mathematics
Graduation Year: 2007 Employment Status: Other (At time of review) Date of Review 10 Jun 2012 Type of Student: Country of Origin:
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Course Information

Please describe your course covering all or some of the following areas: course/application requirements, the enrolment process, course duration, course content, subjects covered.

The application process was very straightforward and the administration office was very helpful throughout the process. The course duration was 12 months full time and was an extremely intense course. The course content was excellent and was very relevant to the issues being faced by the industry. The main subjects were Stochastic Calculus, Advanced Stochastic Modelling, Numerical Methods, Econometric Modelling, Energy and Weather Derivatives, Forecasting Financial Markets and Fixed income

Why did you choose this course?

Course Content
Course Reputation
Course Duration
Career Enhancement

With regards to learning, what did you gain from your course? Subjects/lectures you most enjoyed and why

Overall the course was not just theoretical but combined practical real world industry issues into the curriculum to enhance the learning experience. The subject I enjoyed most were Stochastic Calculus taught by Laura Balotta and Econometric Modelling taught by Amir Alizadeh. Both of these lecturers were subject matter experts in their respective areas and were also able to convey the concepts in a very accessible manner to students of all types of backgrounds.

Please tell us how you felt about class sizes, teaching quality, diversity, student support

The class size was about 40 students, the teaching quality over all was excellent and we had students from all parts of the world

Campus and facilities

Why did you choose this institution?

Course Availability

Please tell us how you researched the institution

I attended the open evenings held by the university as well as spoke to several alumni from the course

The types of facilities available and how they helped with your experience

It had a very well stocked library as well as excellent classrooms and computing facilities. Most importantly it was based in the city of london which was very useful for networking purposes.

Socially what was available on campus and off campus? Were there any student groups available such as the student union? Were there any networking opportunities to help you after your course

Given that it was based in London there was always social events that one could get involved in. In addition given that there were several MSc courses there was a lot of cross polination of ideas and networking opportunities.

If you were living on campus or in rented accomodation please tell us about your experience, cost of living, the area, housing support, safety and security, study facilities

Lived in rented accomodation and it costs approximately £800 a month for a room in central London.

Career & Advice

How did your course help with your past or present career? Do you feel your course opened more opportunities for you?

The course definitely helped me get a break into an investment bank and is currently helping me in my role as a consultant

What advice do you have for students who wish to study your course?

Definitely worth the investment if you want to gain a solid foundation in financial mathematics

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