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Reviewed by Z. Khurrum Studied: Specialised Masters in Human Resource Management And Business
Graduation Year: 2008 Employment Status: Other (At time of review) Date of Review 19 Jun 2012 Type of Student: Country of Origin:
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Course Information

Please describe your course covering all or some of the following areas: course/application requirements, the enrolment process, course duration, course content, subjects covered.

Minimum qualification for entry (2007): Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 2:2 Course duration: 1 year As far as I can remember, the application can be done online and I believe they would accept scanned copies of transcripts if you are living in a different country, but best to check with them as rules could change with time. The course itself was divided into 3 segments in line with the 3 terms an academic year. There were about 12 or so modules taught, and they had 3 practical day-long workshops integrated into the course. The final term is very much dedicated to the dissertation, starting preparation etc. Assessments are done in the form of individual and group assignments, group presentations and exams.

Why did you choose this course?

Course Reputation
Where My Interests Lie

With regards to learning, what did you gain from your course? Subjects/lectures you most enjoyed and why

I've learned tremendously about subject through lectures and the practical workshops and researches done for the dissertation have added to the knowledge. The lectures I particularly enjoyed the most was Organisational Behaviour, International HR and Learning and Talent Development.

Please tell us how you felt about class sizes, teaching quality, diversity, student support

Excellent and perfect in all aspects! The professors were not just knowledgeable, but very friendly, humorous and helpful too.

Campus and facilities

Why did you choose this institution?

Course Availability

Please tell us how you researched the institution

I was already aware of this university when I was studying for my Bachelor's in the UK. I wanted to live and study in Birmingham so I researched this university's website to check if they offered my course and find out other information.

The types of facilities available and how they helped with your experience

They have a fully equipped library, a Student's Union (Guild) that offers counselling and career's advice and entertainment, and societies of sports, culture, language and arts. In the Post-Graduate department, we had our own IT centre which was quite handy.

Socially what was available on campus and off campus? Were there any student groups available such as the student union? Were there any networking opportunities to help you after your course

SU and Societies mentioned above. Off-campus social facilities were abundance given that the campus is located in Birmingham City Centre. The Career's Services were open to students even after graduation and the Alumni Association.

If you were living on campus or in rented accomodation please tell us about your experience, cost of living, the area, housing support, safety and security, study facilities

I was living at a private student accommodation just off campus owned by Unite. The cost was very reasonable given how convenient it was to commute to the campus, and the rooms were en-suite with a kitchen shared by 5 people in a corridor. Some corridors were dedicated to post-graduate students like myself and also to specific genders like all boys or all girls. No complaints about safety and security as there was no problem. During summer vacation, they sometimes allow students to stay at an extra change.

Career & Advice

How did your course help with your past or present career? Do you feel your course opened more opportunities for you?

Aston graduates are quite employable in general, however during challenging economic times there is no guarantee. Which was exactly my case when I graduated but fortunately I did eventually find the right role and gained valuable experience in my chosen career path, which is in HR and Recruitment.

What advice do you have for students who wish to study your course?

I earned my Master's degree in HRM 4 years ago and a lot could change during this time. But based on my experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it. I am very glad that I chose to study this course at Aston University!

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