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  • Please describe your course covering all or some of the following areas: course/application requirements, the enrolment process, course duration, course content, subjects covered:
  • Why did you choose this course? (Please tick as many that apply)
    Course Content  Course Reputation  Course Duration  Career Enhancement  Recommended  Where My Interests Lie  Other

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  • With regards to learning, what did you gain from your course? Subjects/lectures you most enjoyed and why
  • Please tell us how you felt about class sizes, teaching quality, diversity, student support
  • Why did you choose this institution? (Please tick as many that apply)
    Location  Reputation  Course Availability  Recommended By Friends and Family  Other

If you have chosen other, please describe your reason below


  • Please tell us how you researched the institution
  • The types of facilities available and how they helped with your experience
  • Socially what was available on campus and off campus? Were there any student groups available such as the student union? Were there any networking opportunities to help you after your course?
  • If you were living on campus or in rented accommodation please tell us about your experience, cost of living, the area, housing support, safety and security, study facilities
  • How did your course help with your past or present career? Do you feel your course opened more opportunities for you?
  • What advice do you have for students who wish to study your course?


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